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Urban Kwik Floor System

Urban Kwik Floor System is designed based on a highly successful engineering concept originating from Europe. The concept has been used extensively in Europe, North America and South Africa. In Ghana it has been used to produce floors for homes, offices, shops, churches, warehouses, hostels. It is a neat, quick, economical and convenient method of constructing suspended concrete floor slabs.

Urban Kwik Floor System consists of precast concrete ribs and floor blocks. Our precast concrete ribs unlike pre-stress T-beams are reinforced with lattice and high tensile steel (iron rods). The concrete floor blocks are produced hollow and the following sizes:

550mm X 200mm X 90mm

550mm X 200mm X 140mm (standard size)

550mm X 200mm X 200mm

The ribs and floor blocks are produced in accordance with British and Ghanaian standards and produced under strict quality control supervision at our factory.

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Urban Kwik Floor System

Quick, Neat & Economical


Phone: +233 20 404 4501 or +233 28 822 7031

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