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Urban Kwik Floor System is an innovative way of constructing concrete floors for story buildings. Owners of construction projects are demanding better quality, faster construction delivery times and more economical ways of putting up their structures. Meanwhile raw materials for construction are becoming scarce and more expensive. The old methods of building cannot deal adequately with these issues. Engineers are therefore applying technology in innovative ways to meet these demands.

Urban Concrete Ltd. has the expertise and capacity to design and produce a wide range of concrete products including: 


-Window sills

-Hollow and solid concrete building blocks

-Lightweight concrete panels for precast homes

-Lightweight concrete blocks

Urban Kwik Floor System is designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by Urban Concrete Ltd. We provide technical support and timely customer service to our clients. Please click the link below for your free estimate

Please click below for your free estimate

Urban Kwik Floor System

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Phone: +233 20 404 4501 or +233 28 822 7031

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